Atlantis Odyssey Mod APK 1.46 (Unlimited Energy)

Atlantis Odyssey Mod APK 1.46 (Unlimited Energy)

App Information of Atlantis Odyssey

App Name Atlantis Odyssey v1.46
Genre Games, Simulation
Size115.09 Mb
Latest Version1.46
Get it On Google Play
UpdateAug 15, 2022
Package Namecom.vizorapps.atlantis
Rating 4.4

Description of Atlantis Odyssey

Atlantis Odyssey Mod APK 1.46 (Unlimited Energy)

Atlantis Odyssey Mod APK 1.46 (Unlimited Energy)

Now you can download and install the Atlantis Odyssey Mod Apk v1.45 obb/data August 2022 for Android. The wonderful simulation game is presented by VIZOR APPS LTD, which is now available for all Android devices.


The game features two aspiring and enthusiastic adventurers “Nicole and Robert”, whom you need to help through the game to explore and settle them on an unknown Atlantis land. We are going to read further details about the game in a moment but right now we have this mod Apk of Atlantis Odyssey Mod APK, it will unlock the unlimited free resources in the game including coins, diamond and money to unlock new features, free shopping to build anything in the game with auto update feature.

Atlantis Odyssey Mod APK is released a few months back and has been downloaded more then 1,000,000 time on Google Play. The amazing simulation adventure game features colorful scenes, with stunning graphics, and calm gameplay unlike other action games, so if you like simulation games with no shooting or fighting stuff then you are going to love this game. The journey through out the game is filled with hidden discoveries in abundance and waiting to be explored. The Atlantis land is full on wonders, You need to complete the different tasks and daily adventures, produces crops on your own farms and earn money.

Atlantis Odyssey Mod APK 1.46 (Unlimited Energy)

What is Atlantis Odyssey MOD APK?

The makers of Klondike Adventures have released a new game called Atlantis Odyssey Mod APK (MOD, Hack Unlimited Money). You’ll be exploring a new civilization with two youthful explorers this time. Following a plane crash, this couple must learn to survive by utilizing all of the natural resources available in their surroundings. Nicole and Robert are characters in Atlantis Odyssey.

Two intrepid explorers are on a quest to uncover all of the universe’s entrances. To find the opening passageways in each area of the jungle, make sure you tap on each element. You must also continue to extract natural resources in order to overcome future obstacles. Also, don’t forget to count how many blue rays you’ll need to complete each activity. The App is the best application in the Entertainment Sector of the Google Play Store App. After releasing this app it goes viral within a short time for its popular features and nice user experience.

You must utilize your inventory to locate all of the tools you’ve collected so far in each game in Atlantis Odyssey. Your tools are essential since you can use them to chop through shrubs that may prevent you from completing your journey or to remove other, larger impediments.

Atlantis Odyssey Mod APK


Atlantis Odyssey Mod APKfollows the story of the lost city of Atlantis. It is the most unexplored spot on the whole world map. This is where your journey will take place. You will get to follow the mysterious trails that are present in the city of Atlantis. You can explore the Atlantian civilization on your journey. You can even follow the aspiring adventures, Robert and Nicole.

You will collect food and tools necessary for survival. You will get to set up new farms and produce your own food. You can also build factories and collect a variety of resources. Atlantis city is filled with mysterious ruins and powerful crystals. You can download Atlantis Odyssey MOD APK to get Unlimited Coins. You can restore the magic of Atlantis with your skilled gameplay. If you complete the adventure goals and work on farm produce orders, you will get a chance to explore the city and the local culture in a better way.

Atlantis Odyssey Highlights

If you’re searching for a game that will give you numerous adventures, then try Atlantis Odyssey today.

Explore the island

There are so many great games to be played right now if you’re looking for adventure. These are games that will test you on your skills to survive and conquer many lands. If you think you have what it takes to survive, then you can download and play so many games right now.

There are so many unique and enjoyable survival games to be downloaded, such as Atlantis Odyssey. This is one where you can explore the islands of Atlantis and discover treasures beyond your understanding.

Your plane crashed into the island of Atlantis one day. Now, you’ll be able to begin your adventure as you discover so many areas and things that you can use. First, you can collect the resources you have on the plane to breed animals, harvest crops, and rebuild the structures here.

There are many areas to explore and things to discover as you collect resources. What secrets will be discovered once you explore various areas? This game begs you to find that out for yourself today!

Collect and craft resources

In Atlantis Odyssey Mod APK, you’ll be able to go to new areas as you collect various resources like rock, stone, fruits, grass, flowers, crops, and many more. You can go on countless adventures as you search for valuable things that you can store in your backpack.

Here, there are various items that you can find and even treasures that you can collect! You’re able to craft weapons and other tools here that you’ll need to survive. You can also enjoy crafting the buildings left behind by the ancient people.

Unlock areas

Atlantis Odyssey Mod APK lets you explore the islands of Atlantis. First, you’ll be able to survive in the crash site of the plane as you’ll discover many areas surrounding it. Here, you’ll find many ancient structures and areas that you can go to in search of resources and clues.

You’ll even find the magic town and even get a chance to meet the Atlantean civilization if you’re lucky! There are so many complex and exciting adventures that you can take in this game today.

Atlantis Odyssey Mod APK

Survive and explore

There are so many amazing games that you can download and play today. If you’re into survival life, there are numerous games that you can play and enjoy today. These are games that will test you a lot today as you go and search for various resources.

If you’re searching for the best survival games, you can try so many ones right now that are free. With Atlantis Odyssey, you’ll be able to enter the mysterious island of Atlantis as you can freely explore the area and its local culture. In Atlantis Odyssey Mod APK, you’ll be able to enter and survive on the mysterious island of Atlantis. Here, you’ll find plenty of vegetation, local culture, buildings, and unexplored areas!

Atlantis Odyssey Mod APK 1.46 Latest Version 2022

Dungeon master

Freeplay is fairly balanced. But for a meaningful experience you need money to play longer than 5 minutes as your free daily power is used up too quickly removing 2-4 objects before moving further NEVER completeing a level in one day playing free. All expansion stories are the same. I completed the Valentines story ONLY because I spent $50+ to complete before story timed out. And it was cool because I unlocked a lot of cool power-up rewards after, but again, lots money to spend to be rewarded.

The journey to Atlantis is entirely challenging with many things that the player must solve:

  • Players will accompany Nicole and Robert on a journey to find clues about Atlantis on a mysterious island.
  • White clouds cover the island so it will take time for the player to go through many areas filled with trees.
  • You can use your energy to clean up what lies ahead, and there are many ways to restore your energy and keep using it.
  • In some cases, you also need to move to find the required items and bring them back to the tent to create quest items.
  • A diverse number of quests always appear before your eyes that you must complete to progress in the plot and meet the mysterious girl.


If you love the idea of adventure and would like the experience of exploring a lost city, you should definitely try Atlantis Odyssey. This game will give you the chance of exploring new areas on the map. You will also get the chance of building things and growing food. So, download our Atlantis Odyssey Mod APK.


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How to download

The apk mod is very easy to install and you can watch the video how to download the game.

Step 1: Just click the download button below.
Step 2: Wait until the file is downloaded then open it.
Step 3: Install the Atlantis Odyssey Mod APK file on your Android device.
Step 4: Follow the instructions.
Step 5: Start & Enjoy The Modded Features.

How to use the APK

Atlantis Odyssey Install the app on your Mobile
Then click on the app icon and open
Now enjoy the new feature of the Mod APK

Atlantis Odyssey Mod APK Latest Version For Android




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