Jurassic World Alive MOD Version APK (Unlimited Battery) v2.19.27 Free On Android

Jurassic World Alive MOD Version APK (Unlimited Battery) v2.19.27 Free On Android

App Information of Jurassic World Alive

App Name Jurassic World Alive v2.19.27
Genre Games, Adventure
Size540 MB
Latest Version2.19.27
Get it On Google Play
UpdateOctober 19, 2022
Package Namecom.ludia.jw2
Rating 4.3

Description of Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive MOD Version APK (Unlimited Battery) v2.19.27 Free On Android


Jurassic World Alive MOD Version APK- game project with augmented reality, in which players will catch the dinosaurs with the help of the smartphone’s camera and GPS. The gameplay here is similar to Pockemon Go: on the screen will appear with lizards, and they will need to catch. Not to let the ancient dinosaurs to die out, users will collect their DNA samples scattered everywhere and based on them to create a hybrid species. You can then send the dinosaur into the arena battles. In addition, you must collect batteries for drones that are scattered around the world.

Catching dinosaurs

This year, we will see the launch of many games using VR technology as what Pokemon GO has ever done. One of them is Jurassic World Alive – a product of two publishers Ludia and NBCUniversal. Not the cute Pokémon anymore, in this game, we are going to catch the… giant prehistoric dinosaurs. Catch dinosaurs in the modern world, can you believe that?

Jurassic World Alive MOD Version APK (Unlimited Battery) v2.19.27 Free On Android

Jurassic World Alive MOD Version APK

With many different species

Participating in the game Jurassic World Alive is that you have participated in the process of discovering the dinosaur world with many different dinosaur species. To surprise you, what you need is to find the dinosaurs that appear on your phone to collect all the dinosaurs. Or you can become a user of species DNA to breed different species based on your knowledge. Ever thought that you could get yourself a carnivorous dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, … or the gentle but extremely tall herbivorous dinosaurs Alamosaurus, Dinosaurs, etc. You need to work hard to get them. You can get them, if you have them, you need to take care and nurture them to feed them. Giving them a drink participates in the maturation of each different dinosaur species. If you have more friends to play with,


Virtual reality technology VR has been used to maximize the feeling of real for players. The graphics of Jurassic World Alive MOD Version APK are as beautiful and real as the Jurassic World film. You can hear the growl, the heaviness when the dinosaurs move. We have to wait until the game officially launched to be able to know the most accurate.


The Jurassic World Alive MOD Version APK Alive game is available for Android devices and it is a really fun game to play. Jurassic World Alive MOD Version APK has dinosaurs that you can fight and capture with your team of players. The game also has a lot of different locations to explore, including the Isla Nublar theme park and the jungle. The game is free to download and it is ad-supported, but there are in-game purchases that can be made if you want to speed up your progress through the game.

Power up you dinosaur

Similar in some fighting games, the level of the dinosaurs is also divided into many levels, and the lowest will be Common. So you will spend a lot of time to experience and find rare and powerful dinosaurs. At the same time, the upgrade of these dinosaurs is also completely difficult depending on the level it owns. Common will usually be the species that you encounter often and easily get DNA. The amount of DNA is the key for you to upgrade your dinosaurs’ strength. If you wish to progress to the next level, you do not have to accumulate experience but use the required amount of DNA to perform the upgrade process. In other words, this number will increase day by day if you want to upgrade your dinosaur’s stats and participate in different matches. You can use another type of DNA collection, but it will be more expensive because you will have to assemble two different types of DNA from two species. So you have the flexibility to choose how to collect and upgrade dinosaurs. This method is usually applied mainly to the Legendary dinosaurs, which are rare. So you will be able to collect two types of materials needed for a long time to summon and upgrade the type you want.

Jurassic World Alive MOD Version APK

Jurassic World Alive MOD Version APK (Unlimited Battery) Latest 2022

Fight with other dinosaur

The combat mechanism in Jurassic World Alive is turn-based, and the player must utilize each dinosaur’s activity or ability effectively in each fight. The battle of the dinosaurs is normal, but it depends on many basic factors, and the player can use support equipment to capture the target. In the future, many new types of dinosaurs will open up many attractive and creative elements for players to fight vigorously.


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Premium Unlocked, Unlimited Money

How to download

The apk mod is very easy to install and you can watch the video how to download the game.

Step 1: Just click the download button below.
Step 2: Wait until the file is downloaded then open it.
Step 3: Install the Jurassic World Alive Mod APK file on your Android device.
Step 4: Follow the instructions.
Step 5: Start & Enjoy The Modded Features.

How to use the APK

Jurassic World Alive Install the app on your Mobile
Then click on the app icon and open
Now enjoy the new feature of the Mod APK

 Jurassic World Alive Mod APK Latest Version For Android





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