Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK (Unlimited money and gems) Version 1.23.1

Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK (Unlimited money and gems) Version 1.23.1

App Information of Suspects Mystery Mansion

App Name Suspects Mystery Mansion v1.23.1
Genre Games, Action
Size158.12 Mb
Latest Version1.23.1
Get it On Google Play
UpdateAug 12, 2022
Rating 4.6

Description of Suspects Mystery Mansion

Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK (Unlimited money and gems) Version 1.23.1

Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK (Unlimited money and gems) Version 1.23.1

About Suspects Mystery Mansion

You have been invited to solve a murder mystery at the mansion! Play online with other 9 real players as you try to solve the mysterious murder. Perform investigative tasks to get closer to finding the killers’ identity. But be careful, this will be no easy task: the killers are among the group and will stop at nothing to “kill” the investigation! Between rounds, you and other players will discuss who the killers might be. Everyone is a suspect in this social game of deduction. Discuss live with other players using the integrated voice chat feature. Where was the body? Where were they? What tasks did they perform? Who were they walking with? Who was acting suspiciously? After discussing, the game will ask you to vote. Vote with your gut to evict the suspect from the mansion. But be careful: if you suspect another innocent guest and vote them out of the mansion, you will be helping the killers win the game! You can either choose to play the game with your closest friends or with other players with a similar skill level, that the game will determine for you. Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK is under constant development and new maps, tasks, and features await you. Suspects is a game for all friends and family to enjoy together! Find the killer among us!

Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK (Unlimited money and gems) Version 1.23.1

o basically the Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK is a first-person shooter game where you can play with many exciting modes with amazing maps. And it was offered by the AXLEBOLT LTD, Moe than 10,000,000+ people downloaded this Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK in play store. The fame offered you lots of features and gaming modes which you can play. Play the Suspects MOD APK with full of strategy by communicate with your friends by using a chat system in real time.

Free To Play

So basically the Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK is a free to play and first-person shooter game action game which you can play in your android device. So download the Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK and play in your android mobile if you love to play such kind of action games.


Here in Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK, Android gamers will be playing as one of the guesses who are invited to a mansion to solve a recent murder mystery. But unbeknownst to you, there are killers among the visitors, who will try to sabotage your investigations and even kill the members of the groups. It’s the job of all true detectives to find out the identities of the killer and solve the mysteries. Or if you’re playing as the killers, then you will need to secretly perform your dirty tasks without getting detected. Be smart to out maneuver the opponents and be the last ones standing in this mansion mystery game.

Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK

The Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK supports up to 10 real players in each matchup with only a few of which are the killers, depending on your prior settings. The investigators will need to work on their tasks and prevent sabotages from happening. Thus, reducing the chances of the killers having successes in their attempts. Report any discovered bodies and enter the emergency meeting with key evidences that will help the group identify the murderers. Stay alive before the killer can get to you or your friends.

And if you’re playing as one of the killers, then your tasks should be completely the opposite. Sabotage the mansion to prevent the group from unveiling pieces of evidence. Kill the guests when you have the chance without getting detected. Make uses of the trap doors to secretly move around the mansions. And stir up conflicts and misunderstandings between the groups so they won’t suspect you.

By featuring the accessible gameplay and many cool mechanics, Suspects: Mystery Mansion allows Android gamers to have fun with their new and refreshing gameplay of Among Us. Plus, the various maps, in-game customizations, and interesting modes will certainly make Suspects: Mystery Mansion a great title for mobile gamers.

Graphics, colors, and sounds

There are quite a few differences between Suspects: Mystery Mansion and previous similar games. But the biggest difference is about the graphics. Unlike the characters with confusing similar resemblances, Suspects: Mystery Mansion has chosen animal figures to design the character. The nine characters in each scene look different and easy to identify, and they also look much better than the other masked astronauts.

Investigate and trying to catch the killer

Complaint: Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK is understandable after completing a similar thing, too. Only one of the assassins must have seen the villain in the crowd.

In each fight, 9 people take part in the riots and take action around the headquarters. At the end of each small task, you will receive a symbol to reveal the killer. When someone dies or a special event occurs, players ring a bell and invite people to speak, express surprise, and vote to see if the person (or rapist) is the killer. Whoever gets the most votes in any game, will be fired.

Fascinating and mysterious gameplay

Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK will be a game that can satisfy your needs. With the attraction and full of surprises through each different gate, you will be immersed in it without even knowing it. Suspects: Mystery Mansion will lead you through much different gameplay. You will have to discuss with other players together meticulously. In order to find the killer, try not to miss anything. The game Suspects: Mystery Mansion will definitely bring you new, more sophisticated gameplay than ever. Let’s experience Suspects: Mystery Mansion together.

Customizable Controls

To playing any kind of first-person shooter, game, every player need controls like their own preferences. Now all game not giving you the option to customize your game controls totally, But playing the Suspects MOD APK you will be going to experience the best option for you. Basically you will get most of the type customizations like if you don’t comfortable with default controls then you can customize in your own preferences.

3 Different Roles

Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK Among Us, there are 2 roles only which is the Crewmate and the Impostor. But in Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK, you’ll enjoy 3 different roles which are the Guest, Detective and the Assassin. The players will be randomly given unique roles that they must fulfill in order to win the match. Here, the Guests are the ones who will finish the tasks around the mansion such as arranging things, finding things and other puzzling tasks.

The Detective on the other hand will be focused on finding the culprit and searching for evidence around the mansion. Then, there’s the Assassin who’s only job is to eliminate everyone without getting caught.

Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK

General Evaluation

Although there is a little cost to buy the game, it is really very cheap to have a great experience like Suspects: Mystery Mansion. Doubting each other is a great game when you are vague about everything and unsure who the sole target is. Everything is based on your senses, people’s arguments, and your deduction. With that said, it must be repeated that the game’s appeal is the interaction between the players and the enjoyment of the investigation process.

Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK Latest Version

Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK is continuously developing the game’s features, interface, and mission, in order to bring you the most enjoyable experience. It is particularly highly appreciated on game forums for its attractiveness, ease of play, beautiful graphics, nutritional content for children aged seven and up. The game is rated 4.6 stars on a 5-star scale can also understand how attractive and attractive this game is. Are you ready to be a detective? Suspicious rooms, suspicious marks, suspicious words, everything is suspicious, and you must quickly find the killer to win. Otherwise, they will win, and all others invite even you to be murdered by them. Invite your friends and relatives to enjoy this exciting game right away, and it will definitely be a fierce and fun battle together. Download Suspects: Mystery Mansion and finds the killer among us all.

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Premium Unlocked, Unlimited Money

How to download

The apk mod is very easy to install and you can watch the video how to download the game.

Step 1: Just click the download button below.
Step 2: Wait until the file is downloaded then open it.
Step 3: Install the Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK file on your Android device.
Step 4: Follow the instructions.
Step 5: Start & Enjoy The Modded Features.

How to use the APK

Suspects Mystery Mansion Install the app on your Mobile
Then click on the app icon and open
Now enjoy the new feature of the Mod APK

Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod APK Latest Version For Android




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